Jamie and Emily

“When searching for a home, my wife and I were working with relatively limited funds and a similarly limited time frame.

Our goals were very clear. We wanted at least 2000 square feet of indoor space, a back yard big enough to exercise a big dog, and all of it for a few hundred thousand dollars under the market rate.

Like Eric, I am a San Francisco native, but my wife and I had thought our goals unattainable within the boundaries of San Francisco. This is not our first property. We had been searching all over the Bay Area for a few months. Eric and Sharon assured us that San Francisco was within our reach. Over the course of the months that we worked with them, They put in countless hours, emails, and phone calls. They visited properties with us enough times that they no longer needed us present to know if we’d like it.

They knew us.

My wife received the call from Eric one evening at about 7:00pm, reporting that he’d “FOUND IT!”. She raced over to meet him right away. Sure enough, she found herself in complete agreement. I was across town when I received her excited telephone call. It took me almost an hour to get there. Eric waited patiently with her until I arrived. I was stunned. Everything we asked for and more. He made himself available for several more necessary, and unnecessary visits to the property. Some of these visits were on a moments notice. We honestly felt that Eric and Sharon were as excited about it as we were.

After all of that, they made the paperwork a breeze. Their fine tooth combs caught every detail and answered every question before we even had a chance to ask.

As I sit now in my impossible dream house, right in the center of San Francisco, looking out over an impressive view over glen canyon, and all the way across the bay; I can’t imagine ever needing to buy a house again. But if I ever do, I know who I’ll call.

I can’t thank them enough, and I offer my strongest recommendation.”

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